Weeting Castle and Grimes Graves

Sunday 8 November 2015. Just 8 of us, including Lisa from Thetford, turned out for today’s 7½ mile walk with just 450ft of ascent. The meeting point at Weeting Castle was a little difficult to find; for some! There were a few spots of rain as we set out to explore the castle ruins but it soon stopped and then stayed dry for the rest of the walk. After about 3½ miles we stopped for coffee using the picnic benches at Grimes Graves. This archeological site was closed for the winter so there wasn’t a great deal to see.

Our route then took as along forest tracks to cross the Munford Road where, soon after, we stopped for lunch sat on the trunk of a fallen tree. On leaving the forest we saw a sign advising that our route would be closed next Sunday for an off-road motor cycle event so it was a good job that we had chosen this week and not next for our walk as it wouldn’t have been possible to do it then. From here, it was only a little over a mile back to the cars.

Weeting Castle – walk route

IMG_2629 IMG_2633 IMG_2634 IMG_2635 IMG_2636 IMG_2639


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