Snipe Dales

Sunday 1 November 2015. Only 6 of us made the 50 mile and 1hr 20min drive for today’s walk from Snipe Dales. It was foggy on the way there and even foggier on the way back but luckily for us there was beautiful sunshine throughout the 7.9 mile walk with a total ascent of 750ft. The route was undulating and it felt like there might have been more ascent than was actually recorded. It seems odd but I did 5 times as much ascent on my climb of Scafell Pike earlier this week.

Snipe Dales is a lovely country park and with car parking only £1 and public toilets, it is a great place for a short walk. Our route took us out of the confines of the park and this proved to be something of a navigational challenge. We found ourselves on the wrong side of a barbed wire fence and too high up the valley side. Rather than backtracking, I used my saw to cut back some gorse bushes so that we could climb the wire fence and eventually get back on track.

After a coffee break, we made our way to the hamlet of Winceby where we met a group of walkers from the Pilgrim Ramblers based in Immingham. They must have been walking a similar route to us as our paths crossed a few hours later in Hagworthingham. We stopped for lunch at the church in Ashby Pueroroum where we basked in warm sunshine. The next leg of the walk to Hagworthingham took us across a mixture of field-edge and cross-field paths, some of which were muddy in places.

On the way back to Snipe Dales we saw what seemed to be a recently planted area of grape vines and an odd and seemingly modern stone circle. Google failed to provide any answers as to why it was there so it will have to remain a mystery. Although this walk was outside of our normal area it was well worthwhile making the effort to go somewhere new and the warm sunny day only added to our enjoyment.

Snipe Dales – walk route

IMG_2618 IMG_2619 IMG_2620 IMG_2621 IMG_2622 IMG_2623 IMG_2624 IMG_2625 IMG_2626 IMG_2627 IMG_2628


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