Sale & Ling Fells

Thursday 29 October 2015. As forecast, it rained until late morning and then cleared up. We made the short drive to the Pheasant Inn, near the northern end of Bassenthwaite Lake, for a walk taking in both Sale and Ling Fells. Although neither of these fells is more than 1,225ft high the combination of doing them both in the same walk and then climbing almost back to the top of Sale Fell, again, on the way back meant that the walk turned out to be 8¼ miles with a total ascent of just over 2,500ft.

Forestry work meant that we had to modify our route a little but it remained largely the same in both distance and ascent. Half a mile of road walking brought us to the foot of Sale Fell where a steady climb took us out around the western edge before turning east up to the summit. We stopped in the shelter of a wall for lunch looking across to Dodd Crag. The descent off Sale Fell brought us to the road at Brumston Bridge before we started climbing again, this time to the summit of Ling Fell where we stopped briefly for pictures at the trig point. Our up and down route then took us back to Brumston Bridge from where we headed to Kelswick Farm.

Whilst walking through Chapel Wood we stopped to talk to a lady walking “Ginny” her Wire-haired Fox Terrier. It was the sweetest little thing that I’ve ever seen and posed for a photo whilst her owner gave her a treat. I’m not really a dog lover but could easily have taken this one home. Our climbing wasn’t completed and we had one last pull up through Rivings and almost back to the top of Sale Fell before heading downhill back to the car. Both Jacqui and I agreed that it felt like a hard walk and the total ascent of 2,500ft only reinforced these views.

Sale and Ling Fells – walk route

IMG_2603 IMG_2604 IMG_2606 IMG_2607 IMG_2608 IMG_2612 IMG_2613 IMG_2614 IMG_2616


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