Wet Wednesday

Wednesday 28 October 2015. It rained for most of today so it didn’t really make sense to go walking and get soaked. The question was how to fill the day? Initial thoughts were to look in at the Pencil Museum in Keswick before going on for lunch in Ambleside followed by a visit to the cinema. This was quickly revised when we saw a small queue of families with “children” waiting to go into the museum. A trip to Costa’s for coffee, a walk around Cotswold Outdoors and visit to the Wainwright exhibition at Keswick’s town museum turned out to be a much better alternative.

Ambleside was rammed with people trying to find something to do and to escape the rain. The main car park was just about full although we managed to find the very last space. My plan of going to see the latest James Bond film, Spectre, came to nothing as all of the afternoon showings were sold out. Instead, we opted to go and see Suffragette. I think that Jacqui enjoyed it more than me although it was interesting to learn more of the struggle for female emancipation.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is a little better with rain clearing by mid-morning which should mean a return to the fells.


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