Herriot Way – Leg 2

Wednesday 7 October 2015. I should be doing the 2nd leg of the Herriot Way today – 12 miles from Hawes to Keld. However, the weather is hardly conducive to pleasurable walking. It has been raining all night and isn’t forecast to let up until around 4pm. When I say raining, I mean Cats & Dogs, Stair Rods and any other suitable adjective. If I wasn’t so polite, I’d say that it is p*ssing down!

I don’t mind getting a little bit wet and have spent a fortune on suitable clothing but the idea of walking for 5 or 6 hours in torrential rain is just plain mad. Having ruled out walking, my problem is how to get to Keld this evening where I have pre-booked accommodation at Keld Lodge. Searching the internet I see that I could get there by using public transport but this would involve a series of 3 buses to Leyburn, on to Richmond and then back to Keld and it would take nearly 4 hours with some waiting time between stops. The easier option is to book a taxi for the 8 mile journey which is what I’ve done and I’m being picked up at 4pm at a cost of £25. Well worth it to avoid a good soaking.

The good news is that the sun is forecast to shine tomorrow for leg 3 from Keld to Reeth and for similar weather on Friday for leg 4 from Reeth to Aysgarth. If I’m lucky it will also stay dry for the weekend and I’ll be able to squeeze in a couple of extra walks before heading home to The Fens.

It is disappointing to have missed out on this 2nd leg of the walk as I would have been following the Pennine Way across Great Shunner Fell which is something that I’ve wanted to do for some time. At least I have an excuse to come back at a future date to tick this one off knowing that I won’t have the cost of staying in Keld but can get a taxi back to Hawes at the end of the walk.


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