Roydon Common

Sunday 27 September 2015. It was good to see that 15 walkers, including two new faces, turned out for today’s 6.3 mile walk with just 300ft of ascent around Roydon Common. It was another super sunny Sunday as we set off towards Hall Farm and then on to the northern edge of Roydon Common where we stopped for a leisurely coffee break.

Resuming the walk, we headed towards the A47 before turning east past Warren Farm and along the southern edge of the Common. There are two “odd” towers in the vicinity of the Common. I’ve often wondered what these are and thanks to “Google” I now know that they are relics from WW Two.

Lunch was taken at the 5 mile point sat on the staging for a cattle/sheep/pony gathering pen. From here it was just a short walk back to the cars to complete an enjoyable walk in one of my favourite areas. I should record our thanks to Helen for leading this walk.

Roydon Common – walk route

IMG_2463 IMG_2465IMG_2464IMG_2467IMG_2468IMG_2469IMG_2470


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