Sunday 20 September 2015. Only 6 of us turned out for today’s 8.6 mile walk with just 650ft of ascent starting from Southwick. It was a shame that so few bothered or were able to join in with what was a nice walk on a sunny Sunday. Perhaps they were put off as when we last did this walk in February 2014 the conditions underfoot were very different and extremely muddy.

There was a slight uphill climb before we were able to walk through Short Wood and stop for coffee just before Provost Lodge Farm. The next leg was a little longer than usual as we made our way around Glapthorn Cow Pasture and through the outskirts of Oundle before stopping for lunch at Glapthorn church. This was a nice sunny spot and we made the most of it before eventually moving on.

The last leg of the walk saw us pass through Glapthorn before making the brief climb back up to Short Wood again and then downhill back to the cars.

Southwick – walk route



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