Fan Frynych

Tuesday 8 September 2015. The low cloud and mist that had formed overnight took longer to clear than I had thought and meant that I didn’t start my walk until 11.00 today. Even so there was still some cloud cover as I set off and Pen y Fan was disappearing into the cloud and then clearing again for most of my walk.

I drove out of Brecon, along the A470, to the starting point of my 3.8 mile circuit of Fan Frynych with a total ascent of 1,200ft. This is the highest point on the Craig Cerrig Gleisiad national nature reserve, an area less frequented than Pen y Fan on the other side of the A470. There was a stiff climb straight from the car and this became even steeper as I made my way up the side of Craig Cerrig Gleisiad. I climbed over 900ft in the first mile of this walk. Once on top of the crags the going became easier as I made my way to the trig point at Fan Frynych.

The route that I had planned would have taken me almost 1,000ft down from the trig point and would have meant that I would then have another climb of 350ft to pick up the path that I decided to follow back to the car. This change of route cut a couple of miles from the walk, something that I was thankful for after a few days of hard walking. It was all downhill from the trig point but at a much less steep gradient than that of the ascent and made for an enjoyable return.

Fan Frynych – walk route

IMG_2430 IMG_2432 IMG_2433 IMG_2434 IMG_2436


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