Blickling Hall

Today’s walk, the final walk with Hilary as leader, saw 7 of us meet up at the car park at Blickling Hall for a 8- 81/2 mile walk.
The weather was cool and cloudy as we set off past Blickling Hall. This improved as the day went by and most of the walk was through good paths. We did find some boggy areas not covered by the board walk as can be seen in the photos.

Our lunch stop was to be at the bus shelter in Itteringham but we noticed that the village shop was open inquiries inside and they were serving refreshments.

The smallest café in Norfolk – Itteringham Shop & Café

Three of us enjoyed a pot of tea for 3 with extra water all for under £3.00 and we managed to get 8 cups from the pot.( see photos)

Having sat out in the sun we then continued the walk back to the cars. On our return we did look at the paintings and sculptures on display. A later than usual return home but a very enjoyable walk.


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