Thursday 23 July 2015. Karen went home today leaving just Josephine and me to do a 7.75 mile walk with 1,300ft of ascent starting from Youlgreave. It seems that all of my walks this week have started with a stiff uphill climb and today was no different. Although the climb was only 370ft, it felt as if it was more and we were glad when it levelled off as we followed the Limestone Way. A very steep descent down steps took us to the floor of Lathkill Dale where we followed the course of the river as far as Alport. There were some very pretty sections along here with a series of man-made weirs and mini-waterfalls.

The timing of our arrival at Alport wasn’t the best as we got caught up in the middle of a group of about 25 “health walkers” from Matlock who were barely raising a walking pace along a very narrow section of path. We eventually managed to squeeze past them and picked up speed again.

On the final leg from Alport back to Youlgreave we passed a flock of black sheep with white faces and tails. I’d never seen anything like them before but, with some help from Google, I now know that they were Balwen Welsh Mountain Sheep. We were luckier with the weather today and whilst the clouds were steadily building, it managed to stay dry.


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