Saturday 8 August 2015. When I woke this morning my plan was to do a walk not far from me at the top of Cragg Vale. However, as the morning went on, my mind turned to the question of walking boots. Last October I stopped off at Whalley Warm & Dry to buy a pair of Meindl Meran boots. These come in the extra wide foot fitting that I need and they are so comfortable that it is like wearing a pair of carpet slippers. Their one drawback is that the sole is made of fairly soft rubber, similar to Brasher boots, and are already showing signs of wear. When I was in Keswick last month I called into George Fishers to see if they stocked Merans and the salesman suggested that, for the type of walking I do, I would be better off with a Meindl boot with a vibram sole which is far more hard wearing. He suggested the Borneo but as I didn’t really need new boots, I decided not to buy.

Whalley is only 25 miles from me at Hebden Bridge and as I had a walk in that direction, I decided to kill two birds with one stone by visiting Warm & Dry and then going for a walk at Worsthorne on the way back. As ever, Warm & Dry were very helpful, as they should be since they charge full price for their boots. I came away with a pair of Bernina Lady 2 GTX boots and wore them straight out of the shop. They felt good and this proved to be the case when I took them for a 7¼ mile walk with 1,400ft of ascent staring from Worsthorne. They are certainly a stiffer boot but gave me no problems whatsoever. My route took me on a big loop around Swinden Reservoir taking in parts of the Pennine Bridleway, The Burnley Way and The Bronte Way.

Since getting back I’ve done an internet search and find that I could have bought the Bernina boots from Rutland Cycling with a saving of £46. Next time, maybe.

Worsthorne – walk route.pdf


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