Tuesday 11 August 2015. It was overcast all day but at least it didn’t rain during our 7¾ mile walk from Todmorden with a total ascent of 1,450ft. We parked alongside the Rochdale Canal and then walked the towpath for a couple of miles. I can’t say that it was particularly attractive until we eventually escaped the town and broke out into the countryside. Leaving the level towpath, we now had a climb of 850ft over the next 2 miles to the top of Stoodley Pike. We stopped for lunch at the base of the tower but there was a chill wind blowing so we didn’t rest for too long.

A walk along a small part of the Pennine Way brought us to the intersection with the Calderdale Way which was to be the route for our descent. This path must have been established long ago as a packhorse trail between Todmorden and Cragg Vale as the paving stones underfoot were well worn by the traffic throughout the years.

Todmorden – walk route.pdf


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