The Singing Ringing Tree

Tuesday 4 August 2015. For my first walk in the area I thought that I would visit the Singing Ringing Tree which I’d seen recently on TV; on Countryfile, I think. Starting from the Ram Inn pub car park in Holme Chapel, I followed the Burnley Way before crossing the A671 and making the steep climb up to the Singing Ringing Tree which is a sculpture made out of different lengths tube that make a sound as the wind blows through them. Today was ideal as it was blowing a gale. I could have almost driven to the sculpture as there is a car park just a few hundred yards away but this would have been defeating the object of the exercise.

My return route followed the Pennine Bridleway for a short distance before cutting across country to the top of Dean Scout and drop off 600ft back to the car. The walk was 6¾ miles with a total ascent of 1,150ft.

I had planned to diet for a few weeks but my resolve soon weakened as the pub was open when I got back and it seemed rude, having used their car park, not to call in for a drink and some food. Perhaps my willpower will be a little stronger tomorrow?

Singing Ringing Tree – walk route.pdf


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