Pennine Wander

Sunday 16 August 2015. I wasn’t going to bother with a walk today but it was such a nice morning that it seemed a shame to sit inside and do nothing. I wanted to drive to the top of Cragg Vale which is something of a mecca for cyclist as it is the longest continuous gradient in England – 968 feet over 5.5 miles. The record time, cycling, is 14 minutes and 19 seconds. There were plenty of amateurs giving at a go today.

My walk, which I made up by looking at the map for a suitable route, started from the car park next to Blackstone Edge reservoir. I set off uphill towards Blackstone Edge following the Pennine Way and then headed back downhill again on what remained of a roman road. I then followed the Pennine Bridleway for a while before taking the Watershed Lanscape Reservoir Trail and finally the Pennine Way, again, back to the car. The walk was 5.6 miles with just under 1,000ft of ascent.

I managed 11 walks during the holiday in Hebden Bridge and totalled 77 miles bring my annual total of miles walked to 730, so far.

Blackstone Edge – walk route.pdf


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