Wednesday 22 July 2015. I had the company of Karen & Josephine again today for this 6.5 mile walk with a total of 1,400ft of ascent starting from Matlock. I knew that we had a stiff climb right from the start and after 650ft of uphill in the first mile and a half we reached the top of the Heights of Abraham. Having climbed all the way up, we then descended 300ft to the village of Bonsall. We then climbed another 300ft to Brightgate where we stopped for lunch. We could see that it was raining just a couple of miles away and that it was headed in our direction.

We managed to finish lunch in the dry and to prepare for the approaching rain which was quite heavy at times but only lasted about 20 minutes. Turning back towards Matlock we then made a steady descent of 700ft across a series of small fields with squeeze stiles at every wall. We made a small diversion from our intended route on the way back which meant that the walk was half a mile or so shorter than planned but saved us one final climb of about 250ft.


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