Monday 10 August 2015. For today’s walk we made the short 10 mile drive across to Haworth for a visit to Bronte Country. It was raining when we got there so we killed some time in a café before starting the walk at 11:15. As can be seen from one of my pictures, the local authority have very kindly translated the signposts from Japanese to English to help us natives find our way to the honeypot that is Top Withens. Our first 3 miles were completed in sunshine but shortly after taking the picture at Bronte Bridge the heavens opened with hail and heavy rain. We took shelter under a nearby tree and waited until the rains had blown through. We had only been going again for about 15 minutes before the rains returned with the same intensity. We were out in the open but sheltered behind a stone wall which at least kept our legs fairly dry. This second shower only lasted a short while and we then made our way to Top Withens where we had lunch in the sunshine.

The rains started again just as we were leaving Top Withens so we took shelter in an adjoining building which seemed to be used as a bothy. Another 15 minutes passed and it seemed clear to make a start on our return journey. We only made it a hundred yards or so from the bothy before it started raining again so we ran back for cover. 10 minutes or so later it stopped raining and we were able to make it back to Haworth in the dry. The walk was 7¾ miles with a total ascent of 1,150ft.

On the way back I took a picture of an outline on the hillside of a groom & bride. I’m not sure why it is there but someone must have done it for some good reason. Either art or a celebration of a family wedding?

Haworth – walk route.pdf


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