Burghley House

Sunday 12 July 2015. Its nearly two weeks since a bug laid me low whilst on holiday in Keswick. To add insult to injury, this bug struck on my birthday. I’m pleased to say that I’m now feeling better but still have a cough.

The group walk today, which I was leading, was an 8 mile circuit from Burghley House in Stamford with just 500ft of ascent. 10 of us set off to walk through the grounds of the house towards the centre of Stamford. There was a pony club event taking place within the grounds which provided added interest before we made an early stop for coffee in the Princess Diana memorial gardens.

Our route took us uphill through a more exclusive area of Stamford and it was here that we encountered the first rains of the day. This took the form of drizzle which then developed into a more steady but short lived shower necessitating the donning of waterproofs. We then made our way past Wothorpe House and soon after the heavens opened. We took shelter under some large trees but we all got a good soaking. Lunch was taken near one of the Burghley Park cross-country fences before making our way via Pilsgate back to the cars.

I only took this single picture but other pictures from the walk recce can be seen here.



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