Under the weather?

Friday 3 July 2015. In my last blog I reported that I’d been feeling unwell. Although I’m a little better, I still don’t feel like doing much and climbing big hills certainly isn’t on my agenda. I had planned to do Scafell Pike with Jacqui either last weekend or this coming weekend. We gave last weekend a miss because of a poor weather forecast, which turned out to be inaccurate and the weather for this coming weekend looks mixed. I feel really guilty for letting her down but I don’t have the energy for such a climb.

The weather for my last real walk from Lorton to Buttermere was just about perfect although there was a strong wind blowing on the hill tops which meant that I didn’t wear a hat for fear of it blowing away. I knew that this was a mistake as I got a touch of sunburn on my forehead and the UV exposure has brought out the dormant HSV-1 and I now have a couple of very sore, cold sore type blisters on the left-hand side of my forehead. I first developed this whilst on holiday in Italy many years ago and I get an annual outbreak at the first sign of summer sunshine. Treatment with Zovirax cream relieves the pain and the blisters normally dry up and heal in a few days. I’ll make sure that I wear my hat whenever the sun decides to shine.

Wednesday saw temperatures of 28c across almost the whole of the country and there was no way that I would have gone out walking in such heat, whatever my state of health. Yesterday was much cooler and just about perfect for walking but the most that I could manage was a stroll around the caravan site. Today it is back to warm sunshine with a threat of thunderstorms later in the day and overnight into tomorrow. I really wanted to go back to Grasmere to finish off the aborted walk from Tuesday but still don’t  feel up to it. The bug has laid me low and I’ve also been suffering with hay fever type symptoms for a few weeks now. I feel such a wimp complaining about my minor health issues when others are suffering far more than me, but a change from my normal quite healthy state whilst away on holiday isn’t great.

I decided that I’d take a walk into Keswick to have a look around the shops. Whilst in George Fisher’s I had a chat with one of the sales assistants about walking boots. I had bought some Meindl Merans last October and I’ve been so pleased with them that I’m always looking to see if I can buy them at a reduced price. The Fisher’s guy explained that the Meran had a soft sole and upper and were designed more for comfort and weren’t ideally suited to proper hill walking. They would probably wear out quicker than I would like and I should consider a Meindl Borneo which has similar comfort fit features but are less flexible and have a more robust sole. I’ll see how the Merans go for now but may visit Fishers again when I’m back in Keswick in October.


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