The shortest walk ever

Tuesday 30 June 2015. Its my 64th birthday today and I have to say that it hasn’t been the best. First I’d like to send best wishes to Mal, my twin brother, but I doubt that he’ll ever read this.

I had another rubbish nights sleep waking as usual at around 5am with the symptoms of a cold (sniffles, sore throat & cough – probably man-flu). I’m not going to blame John who I walked with yesterday and who’s wife was unwell but I probably caught something by being in close proximity to my fellow passengers on the bus rides yesterday. Whilst i wasn’t feeling my best, I still made the effort to get out walking although this was after a visit to Booth’s supermarket to stock up on pills and potions.

I’ve been in Keswick for a week now and have still to use the car, relying on buses to get me where I want to be or walking directly from the caravan. I drove a total of 560 miles to and from walks whilst staying in Longtown and it makes a change to let someone else take the strain. Today, I took the 10:26 bus from Keswick to Grasmere with the idea of doing a 6 mile walk over Silver Howe with the possibility of extending this, depending upon how I felt. I hadn’t intended to visit the outdoor clothing shops but Cotswold’s Rock Bottom shop beckoned me in. I didn’t really need anything but tried on a few insulated jackets which were all reduced in price. As a birthday present to myself, I bought a Marmot Baffin Jacket which is absolutely useless in the prevailing weather conditions but will come into its own as we move into autumn and winter.

It was warm yesterday but it has now become stupidly sticky and humid. I had barely begun my walk up towards Silver Howe and I was already bathed in sweat. After only 3/4’s of a mile I knew that I wasn’t enjoying it and decided to cut it very short. I could either go back the way I had come or continue a little further and do a loop via Kelbarrow, which is what I did. My shortest walk of the year was only 1.75 miles but still had a total of 600ft of ascent.

As it is set to get even hotter and stickier tomorrow, I’ll be taking a day off from serious walking but will probably return to Grasmere later in the week to finish off what seemed to be a nice walk.

Grasmere – walk route

IMG_2223 IMG_2224 IMG_2226


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