Lanercost Priory

Tuesday 16 June 2015. I didn’t fancy driving too far today and made the short trip for an 8.5 mile walk with 800ft of ascent starting from Lanercost bridge. The outward leg of this walk was along the valley bottom of the River Irthing. It was a mixture of field-side paths, farm tracks and quite roads. Soon after starting out I had a good view of Lanercost Priory which dates back to 1169 and has an interesting history. Being run by English Heritage it costs £3.90 to get is so I didn’t go in but would use their cafe later in the day.

I took a wrong turn just after Crookstown but this soon became evident from my Anquet GPS tracking and I was able to back-track for a couple of hundred yards and to get on course again. I stopped for rest at Chapelburn church but, having left my sandwiches in the fridge, I had to settle for flapjack to keep me going. Leaving the valley bottom, I crossed the River Irthing on a rickety and swaying suspension bridge before making the climb up to the line of Hadrian’s Wall. I say the line of the Wall as I followed its course for the next 3 miles but only saw about 100ft of what remained of the wall.

Leaving the Wall behind at Turret 53B I headed downhill to Lanercost Priory for lunch at a little after 1pm. When ordering my Lamb & Apple burger I asked if it came with chips? The lady on the till said no, so I ordered chips on the side. When the meal arrived it came with a portion of chips with the burger and an extra side order of chips. Even I can’t eat two portions of chips and the lady who served me apologised for the misunderstanding. The second serving of chips was taken away and I was refunded £3.25.

Lanercost Priory – walk route

IMG_2124 IMG_2125 IMG_2126 IMG_2127 IMG_2128


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