Hadrian’s Wall

Monday 15 June 2015. I drove south today to do an 8 mile walk with 800ft of ascent starting from the Steel Rigg car park on Hadrian’s Wall. My route only took me along 2.5 miles of the wall but in this short distance there were many ups and downs as the wall and path followed the contours of the land that it is built upon. Having walked this very short section, I’m not sure that I would want to do the full length of the wall as it is a bit “samey” and, being built by the Romans, runs more or less in a straight line.

A lack of concentration meant that I overshot my turning point onto the Pennine Way and had to back-track for a couple of hundred yards. The wall was busy with walkers, even on a Monday morning, and the Pennine Way made a refreshing change and provided some solitude. After joining “The Way” I didn’t see any other walkers for the remainder of the walk. I left “The Way” after a couple of miles and then headed for the northern shore of Greenlee Lough. It was here that I deviated from the scheduled route and went off-piste to follow a permissive path around the edge of the Lough. This took me on a long boardwalk and across a few rough fields to rejoin the planned route at Gibbs Hill. A mile or so of road walking soon saw me back at the car.

I woke this morning at a little after 5am, which is now my norm, only to find that I had no power supply to my caravan. It was way too early to contact the site owners and I eventually called them at 8:30am having amused myself in the meantime watching TV on my battery-powered laptop. I knew that the site owners meter control the electricity supply with an allowance of £3’s worth of electricity  each day. It seems that I’d used 2 weeks supply in just 7 days and this was the reason that there was no electricity in my caravan this morning. I can’t quite understand this as I don’t consider myself to be an excessive electricity user and the daily/weekly allowance is, perhaps, a little less generous than it might otherwise be. Anyway, the caravan site owners gave me another 7 days credit without any additional charge and the power supply was reconnected. I’ll have to try to be more frugal with my electricity use for the remainder of my stay.

Hadrian’s Wall – walk route

IMG_2116 IMG_2118 IMG_2120 IMG_2122


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