Langholm (again)

Sunday 14 June 2015. I took a rest from walking yesterday. It was a dry morning but rained for part of the afternoon and overnight. Today was cloudy, cool and with a stiff breeze on the hilltops. Not wanting to venture too far afield, I went back to Langholm for a shorter 5.4 mile walk with just 1,100ft of ascent.

The first half of the walk was along forest/farm tracks through woodland. On reaching Potholm farm the path turned uphill for the 600ft climb to the top of Potholm Hill. I could see across to Mid Hill where I walked on my earlier visit to Langholm. The rest of the walk was downhill over Castle Hill and back to Langholm.

I used both my Tab4 and the Azuz tablets to track my route. Surprisingly, the Tab4 performed the better on this occasion as the Azuz produced a slightly wiggly line whilst walking through the woods below Castle Bank. The Tab4 track never deviated and I’m beginning to think that it isn’t as bad as I thought when first using this new tablet.

Langholm – Walk2 route

IMG_2113 IMG_2114


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