Grey Mare’s Tail

Tuesday 9 June 2013. The 250 mile drive to my caravan site, just outside Longtown, took me more than 5 hours yesterday and I felt a little tired when I finally arrived. What I didn’t need was to be told that the owners had made a cock-up with bookings which meant that my pitch on their CL was still occupied and I had to spend the first night parked in their farmyard and then move again today onto the CL.

I couldn’t go walking on Sunday as all of the roads into Benwick were closed until 16:30 for the Tour of Cambridgeshire cycle race. I was able to watch from my front garden as nearly 5,000 cyclists passed by and I had to include one of my better pictures.

Today’s walk was up the side of the Grey Mare’s Tail watefall, 9 miles NE of Moffat. On the drive there I crossed the Scottish border and through Gretna Green. No weddings taking place at just after 9am. The walk should have been 7 miles but this would have meant crossing back over the Tail Burn and this didn’t look very easy either at the designated crossing point or at the outflow from Loch Skene, both of which I passed on the outward leg of this walk.
The climb up the side of Tail Burn and on to Loch Skene was about 900ft and only 1.5 miles each way. It took me 70 minutes going up and 55 minutes coming down. The Grey Mare’s Tail with a fall of 600ft is the fifth longest in the UK but I have to say that I wasn’t particulalry impressed. Although I cut the walk short, I wasn’t too concerned as there is a lot more walking to be done in the next 4 weeks.

My caravan site wi-fi is an odd arrangement where £1 buys you access for a single 12 hour period. The network is provided by a third party (Connexions wifi) and why they didn’t provide access for a single 24 period, I fail to understand. If I log-on at 6am, as is more routine at home, the the session will expire at 6pm leaving me little time to write my blog and denying access for the evening. So, I think that I’ll have to delay logging-on until 7pm each day which will mean that I can write my blog, browse the web in the evening and still have an hours access between 6am and 7am the following morning.

Grey Mare’s Tail – walk route


IMG_2057 IMG_2058 IMG_2059 IMG_2060 IMG_2063 IMG_2064 IMG_2065


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