Thursday 21 May 2015. I set out today with 2 walks in mind. The first was Crimpiau from Capel Curig and the other was Y-Garn from Idwal Cottage. The sun was shining as I drove through Capel Curig but 4 miles away at Idwal Cottage the cloud base was down to less than 1,000ft. As Y-Garn is at 3,107ft, there was a strong possibility that I’d have a hard climb without any views.

I decided to go back to Capel Curig and to do the easier Crimpiau walk with almost guaranteed views. This was only a short walk at 4.5 miles with 1,100ft of ascent. The outward leg was fairly easy until I turned west for the short sharp climb to the summit of Crimpiau at just over 1,500ft. This provided great view across to Snowdon, still covered in cloud, and Tryfan. To the north was Llyn Crafnant from where Bea and I climbed Crimpiau on my last visit to Snowdonia.

I had the summit to myself for quite some time until a group of 6 walkers came along to disturb my peace. 5 of them were heading north but the sixth, a guy for Holland (Richard) was going back to Capel Curig on the same route as me. He only had a leaflet with an outline drawing of the route and a brief description of where to go. I suggested that we walked together back to Capel and it was perhaps a good job that I did as the return leg was less well defined and I had to refer to the GPS several times to find my way.

I think that I sprained my left ankle on Cadair Idris, the first walk of the holiday, and whilst it isn’t really too painful, it has restricted my choice of walks thereafter. The weather for tomorrow and Sunday isn’t forecast to be too good so I’ve decided that this will be my last walk of the holiday and I’ll come home on Saturday, a couple of days earlier than planned.

Crimpiau walk route


IMG_2018 IMG_2019 IMG_2021 IMG_2022 IMG_2023 IMG_2024


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