Llanberis Slateman

Wednesday 20 May 2015. Last Saturday I walked the course of the Slateman Sprint triathlon run  with some of the back-markers. The following day, the full Slateman triathlon was held with the “run” leg being held on a slightly longer and different course. I thought that it would be good to walk this course as it coincided with some of the route that I wanted to do through the Dinorwig slate quarries.

Leaving Padarn Country Park I followed a trail of orange arrows that had been spray painted on the ground to guide the Slateman runners. This soon took me past the ruins of Dolbadarn Castle and out on to the A4086 running alongside Llyn Peris. The main climb of the day started from the end of the lake as I followed a zig-zagging track up through the Dinorwig quarry. Public access is restricted to the lower half of the quarry but the viewpoint at about 900ft provides great pictures of the Llanberis pass, the town and Llyn Padarn. The quarries are at the foot of “electric mountain”, Elidir Fawr, which Karen and I climbed on my last visit to the area.

With most of the climbing behind me I followed the orange arrows through Coed Dinorwig but took a short cut to save about a mile of the route that I’d already walked last Saturday. There was a strong chilly wind blowing as I climbed up through the quarries but by the time I got back to the car I was in a more sheltered area and it turned out to be quite warm.

Although I cut a little bit off the full route of the Slateman run, my walk still turned out to be 6.8 miles with a surprising ascent of 1,980ft.

Slateman walk route

IMG_2002 IMG_2005 IMG_2006 IMG_2007 IMG_2010 IMG_2015


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