Saturday 16 May 2015. I set off today for a walk around the Dinorwig slate quarries which are on the opposite side of the valley to Llanberis. As I turned to drive down the Llanberis pass there were notices advising that the road would be closed for 2 hours from 10:15. This was the route for my drive back.

When I arrived in Llanberis it was clear to see that the road would be closed for the Slateman triathlon which would include a bike ride up the pass to Pen-y-pass and back again. Either side of the bike ride was a swim in the lake which was only 11c and a run up and down through the woods to just below the village of Dinorwig.

I felt like I needed an easy day so I decided to watch bits and pieces of the triathlon and to go for a shorter walk. I waited at the transition area to watch the pacemakers get out of their wetsuits and on to their bikes. After a coffee I came back to see the bikers come back down from Pen-y-pass and to set off for their run.

Enough of the watching, it was time to set off for my walk. My route from the Padarn Country Park coincided with that of the runners for a little while before I diverted off up a series of steep steps. It wasn’t long before our paths merged once more and I found myself amongst the backmarkers as they toiled uphill; walking more than running. It was a savage course of only 6km but followed a 400m open water swim and a 20k bike ride. This was the easy course which attracted 600 competitors with the full triathlon being held tomorrow.

I stopped for lunch at the top of the runners course and had a chat with the marshals as the last of the runners came through. As I made my way back to Llanberis I was overtaken, but very slowly by one or two straglers who were finding it all a bit too much. Credit to them, however, for taking part. It turned out to be a fine sunny day and my 5 mile walk with 1,200ft of ascent made an interesting diversion from serious walking.

Llanberis walk route

IMG_1964 IMG_1966 IMG_1967 IMG_1968 IMG_1972 IMG_1973

IMG_1969 IMG_1971 IMG_1976 IMG_1977


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