Thursday 7 May 2015. The HF harder walk today was up Ingleborough but, as both Jacqui and I had done this many times before, we decided to do our own thing with a 9.75 mile walk from Cracoe with 1,825ft of ascent.

We parked at the village hall and had a mile or so of road walking to start with. It was along this section that we came across a couple of lambs which had escaped from their field and couldn’t get back. I opened the gate a little to ensure that the other sheep and lambs couldn’t escape but so that there was enough room for the two escapees to squeeze through. Jacqui shooed them along whilst I kept an eye on those in the field. With their mother calling for them, it didn’t take too long for the lambs to be reunited.

Leaving the road we crossed numerous fields on or way to the village of Thorpe from where we had a stiff climb of 700ft up to the top of Barden Moor. Thankfully the path leveled off from here as we headed for lunch at the Cracoe Obelisk. There was a group of 10 senior ladies taking lunch when we got there and we had a few minutes chatting to them before they moved off, leaving us to have a peaceful lunch break. Their group, the “Spring Greens” was based in Ilkley and hold local weekly walks as well as more adventurous long distance routes. The Obelisk appears to have been damaged with graffiti-like initials having been engraved into some of its stones but these are in fact the initials of locals who lost their lives in the first world war.

It was developing into a very nice day with warm sunshine when we could escape a stiff breeze. We walked past Rhylstone cross and several large gritstone boulders before making our descent towards the B6265 and through fields for tea back in Cracoe. This was a most enjoyable walk and one that I’ll certainly do again when in the area.

Cracoe walk route

IMG_1904  IMG_1907IMG_1909IMG_1910 IMG_1911


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