Settle and Catrigg Force

Wednesday 6 May 2015. The weather was just as bad as yesterday albeit that the rain was slightly less intense but the wind was a little stronger. We set off from Settle in the rain and it didn’t really stop much until we had nearly finished this 11.8 mile walk with 2,340ft of ascent.

Our first objective was to get to Feizor but this proved a little more difficult than it should have as our leader wasn’t quite sure of the route and I had to put him right with the aid of my GPS. After walking for 3.6 miles we stopped for coffee, in the rain, outside Elaine’s cafe in Feizor. Not lingering too long we then made for Smearsett Scar. I must admit to misleading our walks guide as I took him around the back of the scar for an easier grassier ascent rather than his planned scramble up the eastern edge. We made our way down following the planned route but, for some odd reason, our leader took us in the wrong direction heading north along a wall side instead of south-east on the marked path.

We eventually found our way to Stainforth where we had lunch in the shelter of an underpass below the Horton road and with the Stainforth Beck flowing alongside. Finding our way out of Stainforth and onto the Pennine Bridleway proved to be another challenge for our leader but we eventually picked up the track for the 300ft climb up to Catrigg Force. This proved to be the highlight of the day as there was a great deal of water in the beck making for a real spectacle. I took some video of the waterfall which can be seen at the end of this blog. The rain had been so persistent that I hadn’t dared to take my camera out of my bag until this point but briefly risked it to take a few quick pictures.

More climbing took us to Jubilee Cave which was a little underwhelming to say the least. From here it was all downhill to Settle for post-walk refreshments in the Naked Man.

Settle walk route




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