Weets Top and Malhamdale

Tuesday 5 May 2015. The weather forecast for today was grim but this didn’t deter 15 HF walkers, including Jacqui and myself from joining our leader, Bill, for a 12.6 mile walk with 1,827ft 1,600ft of ascent to the minor summit of Weets Top (1,345ft) and back through Malhamdale. We set off in the dry but this soon developed into steady rain and became even heavier on the way to Weets Top. Having achieved our first goal and walking 4.2 miles, we stopped briefly for coffee before descending on the road to Gordale Scar.

[Something odd happened to my GPS tracking. The walk into Gordale Scar is fairly level but for some inexplicable reason my GPS recorded this as an ascent of around 250ft. Perhaps the signal was being bounced off the nearby cliffs? Whatever, this means that the true ascent for the day was about 1,600ft.]

The morning rain added to that which fell last night meant that there was far more water flowing down Gordale Scar making it virtually impossible to ascend. We had no plans to do this but 4 guys in wetsuits and other safety gear were coming down. I think they were practicing for a rescue situation. The wind was so strong that the water was being blown backwards and the rain became torrential as we sheltered in the overhang of the cliffs that surround the scar.

We walked into Malham for lunch via Janet’s Foss. After a 30 minute lunch break, the weather improved and the sun actually shone far a while bringing so welcome warmth. The walk alongside the River Aire was picturesque and seemed almost spring-like. A small diversion from our route enabled us to have afternoon tea at the cafe and farm shop at Town End. From here it was only a mile or so back to Newfield Hall.

Weets Top and Malhamdale walk route

IMG_1892 IMG_1895 IMG_1896


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