Hole of Horcum

Wednesday 22 April 2015. Amanda had a day off walking today and when she sees the stats she will think that it was a wise decision. The walk turned out to be 9.25 miles with 1,800ft if ascent.

Starting from the car park on the A169 above the Hole of Horcum we made our way across Levisham Moor stopping for coffee at the top of Dundale Griff. Griff being a local name for a steep sided valley. Leaving the moors behind we passed through the small village of Levisham and descended steeply to the bottom of the valley through which Levisham beck flows. Having gone down one side of the valley, we then climbed steeply up the other side to stop for lunch just outside of Lockton.

Our route then took us through Wedland Slack to cross over Levisham beck, once again, before climbing up to the top of Levisham Brow. It was here that navigation became something of a problem as the footpath on the ground didn’t match that on the map. This disparity continued along the length of Levisham Brow until we stopped for a rest at the bottom of Dundale Griff.

The path now opened up as we walked along the bottom of the Hole of Horcum before making a final climb of 400ft back up to the rim and the car park on the A169. It was a tough walk but enjoyable in the continuing fine weather.

Hole of Horcum walk route



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