Roseberry Topping

Tuesday 21 April 2015. It was a 50 mile drive to the start of today’s walk from Great Ayton which made it a long day but well worthwhile. We didn’t start the walk until 11.28 and quickly left the built up area of Great Ayton heading for Newton Wood where, although we had only been walking for 45 minutes, we stopped for lunch. Whilst having lunch we heard the first Cuckoo of the year and saw numerous other woodland birds.

Soon after, the main climb of the day began up to the top of Roseberry Topping which peaks out at a little over 1,000ft. The climb of 600ft was steep for most of the way up well constructed stone steps. It was a beautifully sunny day and the climb was hard work, necessitating several stops on the way up. The view from the summit was fabulous although a little hazy in the far distance. We had a second lunch break on Roseberry Topping to enjoy the views before dropping a couple of hundred feet off the eastern side and then climbing a further 200ft up to Newton Moor.

The next mile and half was fairly level before dropping down to the car park at Newton Gate and then climbing another 300ft up to Captain Cook’s Monument where we had another rest. Continuing the up and down theme of the walk, we next had a very steep descent of 300ft through Ayton Bank Wood. Our route next took us up a small lane which had been closed to traffic for resurfacing. The tarmac was freshly laid but took our weight without sinking in.

The last leg was through Cliff Ridge Wood and across fields back to Great Ayton, The walk turned out to be 7.6 miles with 1,660ft of ascent undertaken in beautiful weather conditions. Clear blue skies and warm sunshine.

On the way back we stopped off in Whitby for a fish & chip tea at the renowned Magpie restaurant.

Roseberry Topping walk route

IMG_1788 IMG_1790IMG_1789IMG_1791 IMG_1792 IMG_1794 IMG_1795 IMG_1797 IMG_1798IMG_1801IMG_1799 IMG_1805 IMG_1804 IMG_1803


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