Sunday 19 April 2015. Amanda & Josephine drove up yesterday to join me for a weeks walking. Karen is driving up today and will be joining us tomorrow. For their first walk with me, I had chosen a route starting from their holiday cottage and one which offered a short cut, if needed. The distance turned out to be much as planned at 6.75 miles but I was a little surprised by the total ascent which was just over 1,400ft.

We headed uphill on to Troutsdale Moor passing through the gate which had “Troutsdale Moor Wiml” engraved upon it. I’ve googled “wiml” and can’t find out what it means. Any guesses?  After a mile or so of fairly level walking, we dropped back down into Troutsdale where we saw an aged donkey. A steep climb of 300ft took us up to the car park at Cockmoor Hall where we stopped briefly for Josephine to change from boots to shoes. The route through Troutsdale Brow plantation was tricky in places as tree cutting had churned up the path in places.

Leaving the woods behind we walked across the valley bottom of Troutsdale where we came across a herd of black sheep. One of them had got it’s head struck through a fence and was trapped. I did my good dead for the day and gave it’s head a twist so that it could escape. Some of the sheep had new born lambs and we spent some time watching them “gamble” as if they had springs on their feet.

Troutsdale walk route

IMG_1769 IMG_1770  IMG_1772IMG_1771 IMG_1773 IMG_1775


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