Keswick – Corrections & Reflections

Friday 20 March 2015. The mapping software on my old Netbook wasn’t working properly during this week’s walking holiday in Keswick and whilst I could find out the precise distance of each walk, I couldn’t find out the total ascents. After a 240 mile and over 4 hour drive, I’m now home and have been able to download the walks data and to ascertain the total ascents. I must say that I was staggered to discover what they are and can now understand why my legs ached so much.

Naismith’s Rule can be used to calculate the time taken for any given walk. There are some variations on this rule to allow for a normal walking pace of 2.5 or 3 mph to which 30 minutes should be added for each 1,000ft of ascent. Using this rule, our 7.15 mile Haystacks walk with 3,143ft of ascent should have taken 4hrs 25mins plus the time taken for refreshment breaks. The walks leaflet that we used as a guide suggested that it would take only 3hrs 27mins which I consider to be more than a little optimistic.

Again, using Naismith’s Rule our 7.5 mile walk up Ullock Pike with 3,268ft of ascent should have taken 4hrs 40mins plus breaks compared to the leaflets estimate of 3hrs 10mins and the Lodore Falls walk should have taken just over 4hrs compared to a leaflet time of 3hrs 15mins. Looking at the walks profiles, it is little wonder that we took longer to complete each walk than had been suggested.

Keswick walks-page0001

I had considered stopping off on the way home to take in a walk up Dufton Pike but the weather this morning was grey and drizzly in stark contrast to the 3 dry days that we had just enjoyed walking in the Lakes. Each of the walks had their own attractions but yesterday’s walk on a lovely sunny day will take some beating. I make no apology for showing the picture of the Herdy once again as it was one of our favourites from this wonderful holiday.

img 1648

img 1648


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