Lodore Falls & Watendlath

Thursday 19 March 2015. I decided that we should do a slightly easier walk for the last day of this holiday so we only had a short drive down Borrowdale to the Bowder Stone car park. On the way, I nearly ran over a Red Squirrel as it ran out to the edge of the road but luckily it doubled back and avoided being squashed.

Our 8 mile walk with around 1,500ft of ascent started with a short road walk back to the village of Grange. From here we picked up the route of the Cumbria Way for a short distance and then crossed just below the southern end of Derwent Water. Passing behind the LodoreFalls hotel we had a climb of 450ft up the side of the waterfalls to Ladder Brow. This had both of us sweating, again, and we took a well earned coffer break in the sunshine.

The next couple of miles followed a lovely little path beside Watendlath Beck where we came across a flock of Herdy’s. The NT café at Watendlath provided an ideal lunch stop as we sunbathed and fed the birds with crumbs from our sandwiches.

Suitably refreshed, we mad our way up Pudding Bank and then on the diversion to Brund Fell. The extra climb of 300ft was well worth it as we had a 360 degree view of Lakeland at its best. To the north we could see as far a Skiddaw with its rapidly melting snow cap. To the east we could see the Helvellyn range which had retained more of its covering of snow. To the south we could see the hazy outline of the Scafells and to the west there was Maiden Moor and Dale Head.

From Brund Fell we had a gradual descent of 1,000ft to the Borrowdale road before walking past the Bowder Stone on the way back to the car. For me, this was the best walk of the holiday. It had great scenery, wasn’t too difficult and was undertaken with clear blue skies and warm spring sunshine.

Lodore Falls walk.pdf


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