Ullock Pike

Wednesday 18 March 2105. Today’s 7.5 mile walk had a little more ascent than yesterday with a total of around 2,600ft. Starting from the Dodd Wood car park we had a gentle start but this soon turned skyward as we headed up to The Edge leading to Ullock Pike. Although it was still quite cool the effort of climbing steeply had me perspiring profusely and Jacqui “glowing”. A stop to remove jackets was needed as we made our way up to the highest point of the walk on Carl Side at just over 2,400ft.

The strenuous ascent was made with snow covered Skiddaw as a constant backdrop. We had considered extending the walk to take in the summit of Skiddaw but this would have added a further 700ft of ascent and the snow covered path didn’t look too appealing without full winter gear.

We stopped part way down the descent from Carl Side for lunch and made our way down over 1,000ft to the foot of Dodd. An excursion to the summit of Dodd added a further 300ft of ascent to the walk but was worthwhile to tick-off another hill. The last 2 miles of the walk back to the car was on good wide forestry roads which came as a welcome relief from the rocky paths encountered previously.

We finished of the day with a visit to the recently opened Lakeland Distillery and a sample tasting of their Gin.

Ullock Pike walk


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