Thursday 5 March 2015. I’ve wanted to walk along Mastiles Lane for a long time so I took the opportunity of catching the bus from outside my caravan site for the short journey down to Kilnsey. I wasn’t sure what to expect on Mastiles Lane as this ancient drovers route had been badly damaged in the past by 4×4’s and trail motorbikes. The enforcement of traffic prohibition orders seems to have brought about the required improvement and instead of the anticipated quagmire, I found the lane to be in good order.

Leaving Kilnsey Crag behind me I made my way steadily uphill climbing 750ft in just two miles. The gradient wasn’t too bad but there was a blustery and cold headwind until I found some shelter at Mastiles Gate where I stopped for coffee. I now turned south and headed for Bordley which is no more than a gathering of farm buildings.

Although my route was now generally downhill, there was one more short sharp climb which took me close to Higher Heights Holes. I hadn’t seen a sole in over 2 hours of walking and it was at this point that I met the 2 mountain bikers pushing their bikes through a stretch of ankle deep mud.

Until now, I had been on unfamiliar ground but knew the remainder of the route from previous walks in the area and was soon back into the warmth of my caravan. It had been a cold walk, much colder than yesterday although most of the snow has now melted away. I made some beef stew before coming away on this holiday and it didn’t take too long to defrost this and warm it up for a very welcome lunch/tea.

I forgot to say that the walk was 6.5 miles with over 1,200ft of ascent.

Kilnsey Walk

IMG_1548 IMG_1549 IMG_1550 IMG_1551 IMG_1554 IMG_1556 IMG_1557


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