The Raynhams

Sunday 1 March 2015. I’m pleased to say that the 11 members of the Group who turned out for a walk around the Raynhams had better weather than I did today. Helen has very kindly sent me the following report and pictures to post on the Group’s blog site.

It was sunny but windy as we set out from the car park near West Raynham primary school. We passed the remains of a church as we left the village on our walk which took us through park lands and along bridleways around Raynham Hall. Although it was very windy, most of the walk was along a sheltered route around the Raynhams visiting the churches for our coffee and lunch stops. The sun shone and we made it back home before the heavy rains came. What a difference a few hours made. Some of the meadowland was boggy but it was still a most enjoyable walk.

1 remains of church 2 typical flint stone house 3 walkers in the sunshine 4 Church on the corner 5 6 Canada geese taking off 7 the three muskateers 8 another church


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