Elton & Fotheringhay

Wednesday 25 February 2015. I was bored with exercising in the gym so I took advantage of a fine day for a 6.7 mile walk from Elton taking in Fotheringhay and Warmington.

My arrival in Fotheringhay coincided with the meeting of the Fitzwilliam Hunt who’s hounds are kenneled in Milton Park, near Ferry Meadows: an area in which I often walk. They were just having the traditional “stirrup cup” before setting off for the day. Interestingly, they had a large bird of prey with them as it is legal for the hounds to flush any wild mammal from cover so that it can be hunted by the bird of prey. I have a fairly neutral stance towards hunting but using a bird of prey is, to my mind, something of a loophole as animals could just as easily be flushed from their cover by a team of beaters as used when Pheasant or Grouse shooting.

There was a good flow of water in the River Nene as can be seen from the pictures taken near Warmington mill.

2015-02-026 2015-02-027 2015-02-028 2015-02-029 2015-02-030 2015-02-031


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