Sunday 8 February 2015. I must start today’s report with an apology to Phil for not joining the Group’s walk at Gedney Drove End. Having walked there a couple of time before, I vowed that I’d never go there again as I find it incredibly flat and boring.

Instead, Linda and I joined the Peterborough Group’s 7.4 mile walk from Uppingham. At least this part of the world has a few minor hills to climb although it was very muddy in places, as can be seen from the seat of Janet’s trousers. She slipped and fell on her backside not long after starting the walk.

There were 14 of us on this walk which took us to Lyddington where we stopped for coffee and then on through Seaton for lunch at Bisbrooke. It was a lovely day and the sun shining on our backs during the lunch break felt quite warm. It was 9c on the car thermometer on the drive home. My newly acquired Fitbit tracker said that I’d taken just over 18,000 steps and burnt over 1,500 calories during the course of the walk.

Uppingham Walk.pdf


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