Cley next the Sea

Sunday 1 February 2015. The weather forecast of strong northerly winds and snow showers put most members off walking today so it was just Linda and me. The weather on the drive to Cley included a band of sleet snow just around the Rudhams and even more prolonged wintery showers on the drive home around Fakenham. Fortunately, the worst of the weather seemed to be inland and it was much better on the coast.

We took a new route from the Norfolk Wildlife Trust‘s vistor centre at Cley on the way to Salthouse. Originally, I had planned to walk out to the beach on the way to Salthouse but this was too difficult to walk on and was more exposed to the weather. Instead, we skirted around the back of Walsey Hills to arrive at Salthouse church just as a brief hail shower started. By the time that we had had coffee it had brightened up and we then headed uphill to Salthouse Heath. The place has an interesting history which you can read for yourself at the link. A minor navigational error meant that we didn’t take our planned route across the Heath but this didn’t really matter as our more southerly route proved to be just as interesting and allowed us to explore a little more of this AONB.

Regaining our planned route, we walked west along Hurdle Lane before turning north over Lavender Hill to Cley church for lunch. We had a five minute shower of rain whilst walking this leg of the route and it briefly started to rain again during our lunch break. By now we had walked 6.5 miles and a further mile and a half saw us back at the cars including a visit to Cley Windmill along the way.

It was a pity that more of the group didn’t turn out for this most enjoyable walk as the 10 minutes or so of rain proved to be no real deterrent.

Cley next the Sea route

IMG_1438 IMG_1439 IMG_1441 IMG_1442 IMG_1444



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