Sunday 25 January 2015. My quest to find new routes for the group to walk took me today to the hamlet of Bisbrooke, just south of Glaston off the A47. I knew from the profile of this walk that there was going to be more up and down than usual and the 6.85 mile route had a total ascent of 600ft. A lot for us Fenlanders! Leaving Bisbrooke I headed south-east for the village of Seaton.

From Seaton there was a short section of road walking which provided views across to the 82 arches of Harringworth viaduct. The railway line that it carries disappears into a tunnel under the road that I was walking on and it was at this point that I left the tarmac and returned to green, or should I say muddy, paths. Heading uphill towards Morcott I tried one re-instated cross-field path and came out the other end with a couple of pounds of mud stuck to each boot. Shortly after, the official path followed another cross-field path which I was able to avoid by walking around the side of the field instead of straight across it.

From Morcott to Glaston there were 6 consecutive cross-field or field edge paths, each of them slippery with mud. The last two hadn’t been re-instated and without the aid of GPS it would have been difficult to discern the correct route. I’ll be reporting them to the local authority. I made a small detour through the village of Glaston to visit the church before heading out on the last leg back to Bisbrooke. Again, the diagonal cross-field path from the A47 hadn’t been reinstated and I was glad to be back on tarmac for the walk downhill with a final uphill stretch to the car.

With a different underfoot surface this would be a nice walk but it is better saved for the summer when the mud will have gone.

Bisbrooke Walk



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