The Massinghams

Sunnday 18 January 2015. Although this post is titled “The Massinghams” we didn’t really go into the centre of either of them and started from near the Dogotel on the A148 at Harpley Dams. There were only 5 of us on this 8.25 mile walk: many of our members and regular walkers being away on holidays.

It was a cold misty start to the walk with temperatures hovering around zero. We set off heading south for Grimston Warren where we stopped for coffee. This was typically rolling north Norfolk countryside with big fields and Hares to been seen in all directions. Whilst it is attractive countryside to walk through, it doesn’t lend itself to photography and I only took a couple of pictures all day.

The next leg of the walk saw us heading west towards the outskirts of Great Massingham where we stopped briefly for lunch. By now, the sun had come out and the temperature had risen dramatically to the dizzy heights of 3c. This was sufficient for some of us to remove hats & gloves and enjoy the remainder of the walk in modest comfort. After lunch we headed north towards Little Massingham, but we then turned west to pick up the route of the Peddars Way. From here we only had about three-quarters of a mile back to the cars.

I walked on some new paths today which is unusual as I thought that there was nothing more to discover in this familiar part of Norfolk. It was very quiet, although we did encounter a few other walkers and 4 motor-cross bikes who’s riders acted very responsibly and slowed down as they rode towards us. The route can be viewed at the following link.

Massinghams Walk Route



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