Reepham Recce

Thursday 8 January 2015. I was joined today by Josephine and Karen for a recce of an 8 mile walk from Reepham. We picked up Karen on the drive across and at that time the weather didn’t look too promising with light rain. There were still a few spots of rain falling as we arrived in Reepham but, this time, the weather forecast proved to be correct and we ended the walk with blue skies, albeit a little chilly.

Leaving Reepham we headed south to Whitwell Street and soon after our path headed across a muddy ploughed field. Luckily, we were able to make a small detour which allowed us to walk along quiet country lanes up to Fiddler’s Hill. The next section of the route was on a farm track with large pools of water which meant that we had to climb adjacent field banks to find a drier crossing.

We joined the Marriott’s Way at Blackwater Farm and headed north to Whitwell Station where the two pictures were taken. To our surprise, the cafe was open, contrary to information on their website, but we had only just had a coffee stop and resisted the lure of a bacon sandwich. It was at this point that our planned route would have taken us back into Reepham but as this would have only been 6 miles, we decided to extend it by a couple of miles to make it more worthwhile. We continued along the southern arm of the Marriott’s Way until Old Lane where we turned of to join the northern arm of the Marriott’s Way at Brick Kiln Farm.

Another mile or so of walking along the trackbed of the disused railway line brought us to just north of Reepham and a short walk back to the car. A map of the route can be viewed at the link below.

Reepham Walk Map

IMG_1414 IMG_1415


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