Sunday 4 January 2015. It was a beautiful morning on the shores of Rutland Water. Although the temperature can’t have risen much above 3c all day, we were fortunate in that there was no wind and clear blue skies. It didn’t feel cold at all and there was no need for scarfs, hats or gloves.

We left Egleton skittering along ice covered roads and paths. It was a relief therefore to cross the Manton road and adjoining railway line and to get our feet on less slippy grass. A short sharp climb soon gave us views back to Rutland Water and across to nearby Oakham. Soon after, our path was partially obstructed by a small tree that had fallen in the 3 weeks since I did my recce. I’ll have to report it to the local authority and just hope that they,or the land owner, will clear it away.

Our coffee stop, after an hour or so’s walking was taken in the small hamlet of Brooke. From here we had a short section of uphill road walking to America Lodge and on to the site of the medieval village of Martinsthorpe. We stopped for lunch outside the Horse & Jockey pub at Manton and then made our way back to Egleton along the Rutland Water cycle path.

The walk was 7.5 miles undertaken at a very leisurely pace in glorious weather. It was a shame that only 7 of us turned out. (Linda, Josephine, Phil, Michael, Derek and me plus Barabara, a guest Rambler from Oakham). The majority of the drive home was undertaken in fog with temperatures barely rising above zero. We we lucky that our walk was further west and that the sun shone on us.

Egleton Walk Map

IMG_1404 IMG_1405 IMG_1407 IMG_1408 IMG_1409 IMG_1413


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