Holt Country Park Recce

Thursday 1 January 2015. I was joined today by Linda and Hilary for this recce of a walk from Holt Country Park. The original route was 6.5 miles but I wanted to extend this to include a visit to Baconsthorpe Castle. The total distance walked was 9.1 miles but this included a couple of diversions to look at possible shortcuts back into the Country Park and whilst the route shown in the link below is 8.63 miles, the final revised route will be 8.5 miles.

Holt Country Park

Leaving the country park we headed south and then east to pass through the village of Hempstead. From here we made our way around Pitt Farm and then on to the diversion up to Baconsthorpe Castle. By now, we had walked 4.25 miles in around 90 minutes and it was time for our only stop which combined coffee with lunch. Backtracking a little we picked up the course of the shorter 6.5 mile route by following Field Lane back into Hempstead.

A walk around Hempstead Hall brought us onto Hempstead Road and three-quarters of a mile of road walking including a steepish hill up from the River Glaven. Shortly after we made an unsuccessful attempt to find a short cut to the Country Park but had to admit defeat and go back to the main road. Back in the park, it was only about half a mile to the end.

After the walk we went into Holt for tea. There was a queue to find a seat in Bayfords so we went to a much quieter tea room not too far away.

IMG_1393    IMG_1394IMG_1396      IMG_1398IMG_1399


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