Holme Fen – 2nd Recce

Tuesday 30 December 2014. When I got back yesterday from my 1st recce of Holme Fen I began to think how I might make the walk a little longer. Some research on the internet confirmed my view that I could add a further 2.5 miles by taking in a circuit of Middle Covert and Jackson’s Covert. It was another fine sunny day, I had nothing better to do, so I went to have a look at this addition to yesterday’s route.

Starting again in Holme, I had 1.6 miles to walk before I could pick up where I left off in Holme Fen and, of course, another 1.6 miles to get back to my car. In all today’s walk was 5.75 miles (a total of 3.2 out & back and the extra 2.55 miles in the middle). My revised route will now be 7.5 miles, making it more worthwhile than the original 5 mile route of yesterday.

Today’s extra loop included a circuit of Boston’s Mere which is shown below. Holme Fen is only 15 miles from me and I can see it becoming one of the areas that I visit more often when in need of a countryside walk. It is a hidden treasure of largely Silver Birch woodland with two large expanses of open water in the middle. I’m sure that our group members will want to join in when I lead a walk next summer.

2014-12-30 12.58.17


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