Holme Fen Recce

Monday 29 December 2014. I’ve spent some time over Christmas trying to sort out a few new routes for the group’s summer walks programme. One that I found was a 5 mile circuit of Holme Fen and, as it was a crisp clear morning, I took myself off for a recce. Starting from the school/church in the village of Holme, I made my way north for a short distance on the Yaxley Road before turning off to cross the East Coast railway line and enter Holme Fen. My route took a series of twisting paths through fairly dense woodland before coming to the edge of Whittlesey Mere. There are very many paths through the nature reserve and it would be quite easy to get lost.

The main objective of the walk was to visit the Holme Fen posts. These were erected in 1852 to measure soil shrinkage on the fen and currently stand at about 9ft below sea level. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holme,_Cambridgeshire It is remarkable to see how high they stand in comparison to the surrounding ground.

Crossing the small road that runs through the middle of the fen, I made my way out towards Short Drove. The route that I was following suggested that I should head towards the B660 after which I would have had a mile of road walking to get to the rail crossing just to the east of Holme village. Instead, I followed Short Drove until coming to the side of the railway line where I had no choice other than to walk alongside the track to the B660 crossing and then back into Holme village.

Although this walk is shorter than those that we normally do, I’ll put it on the summer programme as it will provide an easy opportunity for anyone who might be interested in joining the Fenland Ramblers.


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