1000 Miles

Wednesday 24 December 2014. My total miles walked this year stood at 999.44 so I didn’t have to walk too far today to see my odometer tick over to the magical 1,000. It was such a lovely day that I drove to Ketton to recce a walk that I might put on the group’s summer walks programme. It turned out to be 9¾ miles which could be a little too far for some. I had barely left Ketton before doing the 0.56 miles needed to register 1,000. The route took me on a circular walk around Ketton quarry. The cement making plant and its chimney can be seen for miles around and is something of an eyesore. It isn’t all negative though as the worked-out area of the quarry is home to 26 different species of butterfly and a large number of birds, including Nightingale. I noticed that some of the waste land is also being used as a solar farm. It is out of sight, other than by walkers, and seems to be a good use of spoiled land.

I stopped briefly for coffee after a couple of miles and then pressed on through Tinwell and on to Easton on the Hill before stopping again. If I do put it on the walks programme then I’ll do it in the opposite direction to get the road walking out of the way at the start and to then finish downhill.

I’m pleased to have achieved 1,000 miles in a year, particular as foot problems restricted me to just 841 miles last year. I did 963 miles in 2012 and 941 miles in 2011 when I first started keeping detailed records of my walks. When walking alone, I like to listen to the radio or to music as I go along. My MP3 player has 1,058 tracks on it and it was apt that the “shuffle” facility threw up the following track on today’s walk.


It has taken me 133 walks to amass a total in excess of 1,000 miles. These have varied from walks in the local country park to more challenging things such as the Dales High Way (90 miles over 8 days), the Kentmere Horseshoe and more recently Coniston Old Man.


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