Burghley Recce

Wednesday 3 December 2014. The poor weather yesterday meant that we had to postpone our next leg of the Norfolk Coastal Path. Consequently, I spent a boring day at home. I desperately needed to get out and was pleased to see that today was sunny, if a little chilly: ideal walking conditions.

Many years ago Sarah or Judy led a walk through Burghley Park to Wothorpe. I thought that I would extend this a little by taking in Pilsgate and a new permissive path. Some of this was a repeat of the Barnack recce that I did with Linda on Sunday but as I was going the opposite way around, it didn’t really matter. The walk was 8¼ miles. The first 3¾ miles were interesting as it took me out of Stamford and up to the village of Wothorpe. The last half of the walk wasn’t quite as exhilarating, particularly the last mile or so on the new permissive path without which this circular route wouldn’t have been possible. I’ll put the walk on the summer programme but will do it the opposite way around (clockwise) saving the better bits until the end.

Today has been far more productive than yesterday, I’ve had a good walk and booked the last 3 of my caravan sites for summer 2015.


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