Barnack recce

Sunday 30 November 2014. I met up with Linda today to recce the walk that she will be leading in 3 weeks time. Starting from the Hills & Holes car park on the outskirts of Barnack, we made our way through the grounds of Burghley House to stop for coffee after 4 miles, just outside the Princess Diana memorial gardens. It was still foggy on the drive to the walk but it soon turned out to be a gloriously sunny day.

A walk through Stamford brought us to the banks of the disused Welland Canal where we stopped again at the 6 mile point for lunch. On the way back to Barnack, I managed to step into a rabbit hole about 10 inches deep which brought me to my knees but I managed to avoid falling flat on my face. Luckily there was no damage done; unlike a member of the Hunts Ramblers who did a similar thing a couple of years ago, damaging ligaments etc which stopped him walking for several months.

The walk was exactly 8.7 miles (as advertised) and took us 3½ hours to complete. When Linda leads the walk on 21 December I’m sure that she will slow her pace to suit the needs of the group and may even take in another rest stop along the way.


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